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How to Quit Smoking with the Help of E-Cigs


Smoking has numerous adverse effects not only to your health but also to the health of secondary smokers. One of these adverse effects is that it affects the intimacy between spouses. Most of the studies have shown that it leads to erectile dysfunction in men. You might be one of the men whose intimacy has been affected by smoking, and you are trying to quit this habit. In this article, you will learn how to achieve this with the help of an electronic cigarette.


Quitting smoking is not as easy as some put it. It takes some hard work. E-cigs have grown in popularity as one of the ways to help individuals quit smoking. Some have claimed that the e-cig is not an effective smoking cessation method. Many studies have been done to evaluate whether electronic cigarettes are effective in assisting those who are addicted to smoking quit this habit. A lot of researchers have now made the conclusion that the electronic cigarettes are indeed effective in helping people to stop smoking cigarettes.


Electronic cigarettes fulfill the craving that a smoker might have by providing nicotine as fast as the normal cigarettes. They also function in meeting the smoker's smoking habits. As we make important strides in improving technology, the e-cigs will become more effective in helping smoking addicts in quitting smoking. E-cigs are not only affordable (they are cheaper in the long term when we compare the cost involved in purchasing real cigarettes every day) - but they pose a lower risk when compared to the standard cigarettes. The e-cigs will still provide the smokers with nicotine, but they do not emit smoke which is the leading cause of most of the diseases, click now!


People who attempt to quit smoking experience withdrawal symptoms. You should know how much nicotine you consume in a day to deal with these symptoms when using the e-cigs. Know the equivalent of nicotine contained in the e-cig and compare it with the normal cigarettes to keep up your current nicotine levels. You may always change the amount based on whether you want more or less. In case you smoke the filtered brand of cigarettes, at a pack a day, be sure that you start taking e-cigs which have a concentration of at least 18mg daily. This will assist you in dealing with any physical withdrawal symptoms. In case you smoke brands which are unfiltered at a pack a day, begin at 24mg of concentrated liquid nicotine per day. If you smoke not more than a pack a day, you may utilize an electronic cigarette that has liquid nicotine or 12 mg of nicotine.

For further details regarding the benefits of electronic cigarettes, check out http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2013/09/03/electronic-cigarettes_n_3818941.html.


Electronic cigarettes at http://smoko.com are ideal for you if you are determined to stop smoking. They replicate the standard cigarettes unlike the other methods like using a patch or gum. They will provide you with a holistic experience in your quest to quit smoking and enhance your intimacy.